Platinum, Diamond and Dry Cleaner are the new innovate products from Permanon.

Our “New editions 2012” are now even more efficient and usable in various purposes. The special edition contains three new products, with these new developments Permanon establish itself as the market leader in surface cleaning and protection. With Platinum and Diamond the Si14 content was increased once more, the ecological balance was further enhanced and adapted to the specific product applications. The most notable feature in the new products is the “All in One” feature, now you can find many more cross-applications in everday life with just one product to care for cars, motorcycles, boats, jet skis and many more objects whose surfaces need regular cleaning and are worth to be preserved through sealing.

The concentrated „Dry Cleaner“ is a vital link in the chain of innovations for 2012 and is useful in any private home, business or industry as a cleaner – doing an excellent job as a sealant too.
Chemical-free and resistant against:

UV radiation (the invisible enemy)
Lye with Ph1-11
Acids (except for hydrofluoric acid)
Sweet and salt water
-40° to +300° Celsius (temperature resistant)

Dirt of all kinds:

persistant environmental contaminations, such as in heavy traffic (brake dust/exhaust fumes/deposits)
tree resins and organic glues
insects, doves and bird droppings
algae and sludge residue

Since the concentrate can be used in a very economical and efficient manner, costs can be saved in the mainteance process. Areas that previously had to be repeatedly cleaned and maintained, can now be treated much more economical thanks to Permanon.

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