Our Special Cleaners work miracles on extremely dirty surfaces. Permanon products are top-rated for all evaluation criteria for cleaners. They are perfect for cleaning all kinds of materials as a pre-cleaning before surfaces are sealed.

We have special cleaning products for persistent staining through organic substances (such as oil, grease, tar, glue, etc.). and inorganic substances (such as lime, salts, urine scale, etc.). As far as the chemical composition of our concentrates is concerned we distinguish between acid and alkaline cleaning mechanisms.

All our Special Cleaners cleanse the surfaces treated deep into their capillary structures. This prepares the surfaces for subsequent sealing with the Permanon Supershine products.

Our universal paste (PS paste) is ideal for surfaces that have not yet or never been sealed, and Permanon Sanides is applied on urine scale and limescale.

The Special Cleaner concentrates are very economical and efficient. This helps you save costs and cleaning time because you don’t have to clean your surface so often. Surfaces that had to be cleaned and maintained quite frequently before can now receive much more economical treatments, thanks to the efficiency of our Special Cleaners.

Supershine offers you numerous applications. For optimum results for your purposes, please click on the desired product in the right column, “Special Cleaners categories”. You will receive further information there.

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