What is Permanon?


Permanon is an advanced high-tech development in the field of surface protection and cleaning. On the basis of pure monomolecular Silizium.Silizium is a natural product, it has the abbreviation in the periodic table Si 14, it is the most abundant element by H2o on Earth. Find silicon in the sand, glass and also in their Körper.Selbst in medicine is going silicon in drug discovery eingesetzt.Permanon products with silicon to the surface a no chemical bonding. Through a complex process, has managed to create a static attraction on all materials. Without damaging the materials. Conventional waxes or silicone oil connections are unnecessary.

Permanon products exclusively high concentrates in containers of 500ml, 1 liter and 2 liter bottles and 5,10.20,220,1000 liter canisters are available. These concentrates can be diluted with water, depending on the surface of 1% to 5%. Product includes cleansing shampoo and protection. The product Supershine includes protection and a higher gloss effect in the screenshot below animation to see the Protection of silicon. The smooth surface is under microscopic magnification a landscape of mountains and valleys that are filled with dirt and dust particles and water in the capillaries. By the electrostatic interaction of the silicon molecule and the surfaces to be treated, there is the electrostatic adhesion to the surfaces of all materials. The material damage is excluded.

Only by the treatment with Permanon protection products, there is a filling of the capillaries with Si14. A dirt deposition in this is no longer possible, resulting in a much lower pollution and to a significantly easier to clean because the “dirt” only adheres to the surface.

A value-preserving care guarantees an optimal solution.

Extract the natural protective properties of silicon:
Temperature-resistant from -40 ° C to +300 ° C
, UV-resistant
-Resistant to acids / alkalis of pH 1-11
, and much more

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